147-05 Guy Brewer, Clarion Hotel Wiring 

Clarion Hotel Briar Brewer

147-05 Guy Brewer Blvd Brewer Hotel Wiring Consisted on taking over the job and finish what another company simply walked away from.

For ethical reasons I will not share the name of the other company, although they were unethical enough to take payment and just leave.

The entire 147-05 Guy Brewer Blvd Brewer Hotel Wiring job was left unfinished but that is not the worst part. apparently, when they found out they were leaving this hotel, they simply decided to literally “CUT” the wire.  

This is how we found the slack of wires in the data closet for this hotel. As you can see that is not enough wire for the service loops around the wall mount racks or even worst is not long enough to punch in the patch panel.

Short slack of cat6 on wiring

In 147-05 Guy Brewer Clarion Hotel Wiring, the hotel room’s had no jack done, so it was our job to terminate the data, video (coax for TV), and voice jacks on the cat5e wiring.

wiring of 147-05 Guy Brewer, Clarion Hotel WiringJacks terminating in hotel rooms

The hotel has 40 rooms divided in 4 floors and one sub-cellar level. counting all rooms we did around 215 jacks for voice, data, and Satellite TV. This without counting the jacks in the common areas such as Lobby, Breakfast, Laundry, Fitness Center, etc.

Jacks terminating in hotel roomsJacks terminating in hotel rooms

After finishing the jacks, we started the process of certifying the cable runs, as well as all the jacks, also labeling and closing all face plates.

Closing Faceplates in the rooms of hotel EM IT and Networks

Once we finish our job in the rooms we moved to the data closet, to extend the slack of the wires for the proper installation of the data rack and all other equipment, such as the satellite equipment and the phone system. as well as the punching down in the patch panel.

Extending short cat6 wires

147-05 Guy Brewer Clarion Hotel Wiring took some time to finish the extensions of the slacks in the data closet but after doing the data jack on one end and a RJ45 in the other end, we had enough slack of wire to continue working on this property.

Slack to work with cat6 wiring in hotel

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