CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo

CCTV Camera 1080P Demo

CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo

CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo, EM IT works only with top quality products for all fo our CCTV surveillance and security installations, this is a small portion of two videos to show the CCTV Video Demo for all of our prospective clients.

This first video is about the CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo which is a real footage from a camera install in one of our customers home in Rosedale, NY.

You can clearly see the car pulling in his garage, the other cars passing by. People walking around the car, and other details captured in the DVR are also clear.

This CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo looks so great because or cameras comes equipped with InfraRed LED’s making possible to record a clear image even in dark environments.

In the second video we show you the same house and the same car, being surrounded by neighbors in a common day you ca see the full CCTV Camera 1080P Demo with full color and day bright illumination.

The differences between the CCTV Camera 1080P Day Light Demo and the CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo, are clear to the view. the more light the cameras get, the brighter and colorful image it will record on the DVR.

But even with those differences, you can clearly take advantage of the night vision full HD image as is shown in our CCTV Camera 1080P night vision demo.

If you are curious to see how the cameras look like here we are going to show you some pictures of how they are designed. and how they actually look once they are installed in the customer’s home.






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