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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by our site, if you’re reading this is probably for 2 reasons: 1, you want to learn more about our services or,  2 you came here by mistake. Either way, we appreciated your visit and welcome you to our site. please keep browsing and reading our blog regularly to be informed of how we approach our Low Voltage, Security, Voice & Data installations. Our product and service are tailored for commercial and residential customers.

– Structured Cabling

Cat5e, Cat6, RG6, RG59, Fiber Optic, etc. We have the right solution for your commercial and residential needs. Our portfolio of products & services has everything you need to cover the Voice, data, CCTV, and satellite tv.  We use only the best copper and fiber conductor to ensure reliability and fastness in connection for data transfer and voice. We make sure to quadruple check, certify and always run extra wires for the project’s needs. A pro installer always has in mind that expensive wire is not the excess of wire but the shortage of wire.

– Wireless Networks:

Wifi Access points as a business owner you know that in this. “All connected era” everyone of you customers always make the same question before even buying something from you -Do you have WiFi in the store ?- You’re probably making the big mistake of give them completely access to your WiFi network providing the wpa2 password. What a good guy/girl are you! By giving them access to your wifi network. You’re also telling them to access your full network, that is your business computer, your P.O.S, and probably your phone system. But don’t you worry we have the right WiFi Hotspot solution for you.

– CCTV Surveillance & Security.

Well, what else could we say about a security cameras system, you already know what is for, but is yours accordingly setup for the security standards?, are you taking advantage of the TVI full 1080p technology and the remote viewing?. Don’t worry we can walk you thru all the aspects of the right installation to make more out of your CCTV system. We will install and maintain your brand new system.

– Satellite TV (DirecTV).

We can install and maintain your DirecTV service, being an authorized dealer of DirecTV for residential and commercial customers is one of the many services I can provide to you. I already installed and service Directv in hotels. Keep reading our site to learn more about our services for hospitality and commercial customers.

– Phone Systems (VoIP, PBX).

If what you need is a fully functional telephone system for your office or business, just give a call and in a matter of days you will have all the extensions and phone numbers working. With our VoIP PBX, you’ll save money and have a reliable phone system with the advantage of VoIP technology.

– Computer Technical Support.

Whether is a hardware, software, or network issue, we are available 24/7 for you. We will not let your computers be down. From virus removal to a hardware upgrade and remote support. we know how to make you happy.

– Web Design.

We can’t stress this enough: You need a website!. Do you know millennials are the fastest growing buying force in the world? and you know they will use the internet to buy 80% of the time, they prefer to use the “Order Online” service on a restaurant?. Lets put it in simple words, you’ll need a website to grow your sales. We have all the tools to improve your existing web platform and create one from scratch.

– Social Media Marketing.

We are believers of traditional marketing, but only when is combined with the digital mediums of promotions. The Facebooks, the Twitters, and the Instagrams are the new ads platforms. We will help you in the process of setting up an excellent combination of the digital/offline campaign.

If you have question or to request a site survey/quote Please don’t hesitate to contact us

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