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Our Technical Support Proposal EM IT & Network Services is committed to improving the employees experience through convenience, security, and timely response to their technical issues that is why our technical support proposal is the right fit for you.

EM IT Our Technical Support Proposal

EM IT Technical Support Proposal

We understand the needs that companies now days have to offer a pleasant and productive environment to achieve the optimum performance of all of its employees.

That’s the reason why we believe that our technical support proposal to optimize the efficiency of their computers as well as the preventive maintenance, will be the perfect ally to increase the performance of all employees of the company.

Below we present in detail our cost effective proposal for IT Support and preventing maintenance specially tailored for all sizes companies.

Our Technical Support Proposal:

Our proposal consists of two phases:

Phase 1 Initial Servicing: The first step in our proposal will be to perform a detailed workplace survey to identify all problems related to the hardware and software of the workstation computers including the wiring for network connection.

Once we finish with the survey we will have a detailed list of issues to be addressed and all the options to fix them in a timely manner.

It should be mention that in this first phase we will be recommending upgrade the memory RAM of the computers to prevent slowness caused by the windows 10 upgrades.

Phase 2 Preventive Maintenance: Phase two of this proposal is the preventive maintenance of the computers and peripheral equipment of the employees.

The action plan to follow is this: To visit the business site once a week (Preferable Saturdays) to address issues that might arise during the week and perform the once a month servicing to the computers.

The once a month servicing consist on covering the following maintenance tasks to each computer:

  • Perform a cleaning/dusting of the internal components of the computer. To avoid the deterioration of the hardware of the computers caused by dust build up.
  • Make sure to install the latest software updates to the computers, installing the important updates such as (Microsoft Windows Updates, Office, Web browser, etc.)
  • Check the status of the Antivirus license on the computers make sure that the virus signature is up-to-date for the optimal computer protection.
  • Scan and clean the computers to identify and eliminate possible threats to the security and privacy of the company and its employees. (Removal of viruses, malware, adware, etc.)
  • Check that each computer has a patch cord in good condition to access the internet and ensure a reliable connection to the company’s server and the internet.
  • Perform Hard Disk defragmentation and obsolete files cleanup.

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