147-05 Guy Brewer, Clarion Hotel Wiring 

Clarion Hotel Briar Brewer

147-05 Guy Brewer Blvd Brewer Hotel Wiring Consisted on taking over the job and finish what another company simply walked away from. For ethical reasons I will not share the name of the other company, although they were unethical enough to take payment and just leave. The entire 147-05 Guy Brewer Blvd Brewer Hotel Wiring […]

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Bossert Hotel WiFi Deployment.

EM IT Bossert Hotel WiFi Deployment

EM IT. Recently did The Bossert Hotel WiFi Deployment. The Bossert is a boutique hotel with 300 rooms. locate at 98 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, NY. The wiring of the entire building was performed in the summer 2013. After the wiring was done, we proceed with the cat6 keystone jacks punching down.

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